What to Buy For a Shooter?

Do you have a friend who loves shooting, and you are looking for something to gift him or her? It could be their birthday, anniversary, or celebrating friendship. Different gift shops have different presents for shooters, and it is up to you to pick out the best gifts for them.

Below, there is a list of items you can pick to gift to someone who loves shooting:


A gun always needs bullets to be functional. Hence, you can purchase a box of bullets. This could either be rubber or steel bullets.

If you plan on going the extra mile, you can buy them branded bullets to ensure they enjoy loading the gun. Some sellers will also accompany the bullets with gun powder. In case the bullets are not accompanied by gun powder, go ahead and purchase the gun powder. It is handy and one of the best gifts for shooters.

Registered gun

Did you know it is illegal to own a gun without a legal license? You can however purchase a gun and ensure it is registered under the owner legally.

This way, you will be responsible for the gun and use it for the right purpose. Not all countries allow the citizens to own a gun, but if your friend is in a county that allows the citizens to possess a gun, take advantage of the situation.

Gun cleaning kit

Guns, like any other equipment, need cleaning to ensure they are functioning properly. You can secure your friend’s gun, cleaning it with all the necessary tools for cleaning a gun and ensuring it works effectively.

This will ensure the gun has a longer lifespan and works more effectively. The chemicals in the cleaning fluids are made in a way they are friendly to the material the gun is made of and effective.

Gun designed interior decor

This could be a masterpiece on the wall, a gun-shaped decanter, or a carpet with a gun design. If you are not able to purchase gun-related equipment, you can always buy accessories shaped in a gun or those that have a gun drawn on them.

This list goes a long way, as you can also make something that has a gun print from sites that promote creativity, such as Pinterest.


If you are able, you can purchase some tickets that people could go shooting with at a shooting ground. This will give them a chance to carry out their hobbies or spend time on activities they love.

You could try more fun places, far from home that allows you to take longer trips such as bike riding, road trip, or flights to a destination.

Most shooting places allow people to carry along souvenirs with them. Take advantage of the offer and grab several items that will remind you of fun you had in a particular place.

Customized clothes

This could be a T-shirt with a gun or bullet print, a hoodie, or a cap. There are a variety of items you can go with and ensure your friends who love shooting feel appreciated.

There are also customized shoes with bullet and gun prints.