What Are Ghost Followers On Twitter And What To Do With Them?

Ghost followers are accounts that follow you and remain inactive, not interacting with your content. They could be accounts also run by computers to promote content relating to specific accounts, but not to engage with your content. This is common on most social media platforms and people are always looking for a solution to this.

There are several ways of finding out ghost followers using several software programs in the market. Different people react in different ways to ghost followers. You can either choose to delete fake Twitter followers, do a follow-up, or give them some time to see whether they will resurface.

Disadvantages of ghost followers

Reduce your interactions

You will only have a large number of followers but minimal interactions. This is because they will just read your tweets but not like or respond to them. This is negative energy, especially if you work under product promotion and would like to know how people find your product.

Demean your brand visibility

More followers mean a higher chance of making your products known to the public. If you have ghost followers, it will only mean more followers and no progress in the brand’s image. In case you get potential partners, and they see you have a massive following but minimal interaction, they can assume your brand is not doing well in terms of influencing.

Gather your information without your knowledge

Cybersecurity is such a huge area and IT experts are always on the front line to educate the masses on how to protect themselves online. Ghost followers include bots that are run by computers. Such can gather information about you, and this might take a while before you realize it.

How to identify ghost followers

They show up all of a sudden

These are people who show out of the blues and start interacting with your contact. Most ghost followers go silent, then show up after a while. Identify them and delete them from those you are following.

Put out irrelevant content

These are people who work entirely out of your niche. They will be on almost every tweet on their timeline. This is such a conspicuous red flag, look into them and take action if need be. Content that relates to each other is handy for both creators and followers. If someone is all over the tweets, it is a bad sign. They are probably bots.

Massive likes from your former tweets

If an account starts liking tweets you tweeted three months ago, then they are not genuine. They have probably been away but just realized there is so much to like or tweet back to. Luckily, Twitter notifies you of any activity, hence it is easy for you to do follow-ups on ghost accounts.

Minimal tweets

Anyone who has an account just to follow up with people’s content is probably a ghost follower. They will interact with people’s content, but never put out their thoughts on certain matters. Be careful of such accounts. They might be run by people who are not genuine Twitter lovers.