Mining & Energy Track

Mining & Energy

Short Courses

  • Advances in Geosynthetics for Heap Leach: A Design Course
  • Current Advances & Trends in Containment Technologies
  • Geomembrane Seams: Key Factors to Obtaining High-Quality Geomembrane Welds
  • Slope Stability and Interface Friction Using Geosynthetics
  • Geosynthetic Test Procedures and Material Specifications

While we are committed to keeping this schedule the same, rooms and times may be subject to change please check the final schedule on site.

Room: Royal Poinciana 2

Session Chair: Mark Smith | Co-Chair: Edoardo Zannoni

  • Improvement of Soil Bearing Capacity Using Geocell System for the Impala Mineral Storage Yard – PeruJorge Alva
  • Compressive strength study of EPS beads and bottom ash based geomaterialVaishali Badwaik
  • Use of BGM in miningBernard Breul
  • Geotextile bags, a tool to evaluate tailings consolidation and behaviorFernando Da Silva
  • Modernization of an oil-terminal dock infrastructure using geotextile containment technology, concrete filled geotextile tubesAngel H Diaz Jr
  • Construction of the Intake and Protection Structure in the Left Side of the Sogamoso River Required for the Connection of the Sogamoso River withRodrigo Hernandez

Room: Royal Poinciana 2

Session Chair: Massimo Ciarla | Co-Chair: Mauricio Ossa

  • A BGM for a tailing reservoir in FinlandBernard Breul
  • Effect of the composition of tailings on their dewatering using electrically conductive drain-tube planar geocomposites Patricia Dolez
  • ROM Pad Retaining Wall of 30 Meter High, Reinforced with Polymeric Straps for the Primary Crusher Project in a Mine in PeruManuel Ferrer
  • The Use of Innovative Geosynthetics to Substantially Reduce Well Pad Construction and Maintenance CostsJohn Herrmann
  • Retaining Earth Wall for Platform of Primary CrusherWilfredo Rodríguez
  • Containment and Dewatering of Mine Tailings with Geotextile Tubes at a Silver Mine in MexicoThomas Stephens
  • The Use of Geosynthetics in Mining Applications Kent von Maubeuge