Drainage & Filtration Track

Drainage and Filtration Track
While we are committed to keeping this schedule the same, rooms and times may be subject to change please check the final schedule on site.

Room: Cowrie 1

Session Chair: Sam Allen | Co-Chair: Pietro Rimoldi

  • Experimental tests for a proper technical advancement and a correct design of drainage systems for landfills cappingDaniele Cazzuffi
  • Integrated Geosynthetic with Wicking Capability for Roadway Construction Over a MarchSantino Piccoli
  • A Decision Support System for Embankment Dam Restoration using GeosyntheticsAntony Balan Thadicaran
  • Evolution of the drainage systems in Perú through the use of drainage geocompositeCésar Torres
  • NRCS Long-Term Durability Study of Geosynthetics in Earth DamsBenjamin Doerge

Room: Cowrie 1

Session Chair: Eric Blond | Co-Chair: Aigen Zhao

  • Laboratory set-up for measuring Interface Transmissivity between GCL and GMBAhmed AbdelRazek
  • Methodology to determine the clogging potential of a nonwoven geotextile with high plasticity cohesive soilsEnrique Fensel
  • Effect of Filter Design Pattern on Engineering Performance of Geotextile Fabric FormHan-Yong Jeon
  • Investigation of the performance of geocomposites for tunnel drains and the effect on tunnel lining stabilityBumjoo Kim
  • Modeling Leachate Collection System Design Options for a Canadian LandfillR. Kerry Rowe
  • The use of geosynthetic filters within railway applications – innovative solutions to traditional problemsBrian Whitaker

Room: Cowrie 1

Session Chair: John Henderson | Co-Chair: Anurag Shah

  • Triplanar Drainage Geocomposite As A Completment/Replacement of Free-Draining Base Aggregate LayerLeonardo Gomez
  • Review of Leachate Collection System Design Options for a Canadian LandfillFabiano Gondim
  • Successful experience of the use of drainage geocomposite in the low jungle of PeruAlfredo Mansen
  • Long term behavior of in site woven and nonwoven geotextiles filtersNicola Moraci
  • Design of the drainage system for reinforced walls and slopesPietro Rimoldi

Room: Americana 1 & 2

Speaker: Pietro Rimoldi

  • The new global scenario of rain and extrememeteorological events: consequences forgeosynthetics drainage systemsChiwan Wayne Hsieh
    15 minutes + 3 minutes discussion
  • Laboratory tests for short and long term properties ofdrainage geocompositesSam Allen
    15 minutes + 3 minutes discussion
  • Design of planar geosynthetic drainage systemsPietro Rimoldi
    15 minutes + 3 minutes discussion
  • Design of vertical drains with standard PVDs, kineticPVDs and vacuum systemsDennes Bergado
    15 minutes + 3 minutes discussion
  • Influence of filter geotextiles on the hydraulicperformance of draining geocompositesGeorge Koerner
    15 minutes + 3 minutes discussion