Case Histories Track

Case Histories Track
While we are committed to keeping this schedule the same, rooms and times may be subject to change please check the final schedule on site.

Room: Cowrie 2

Session Chair: Marianna Ferrara | Co-Chair: Chris Eichelberger

  • Panama Canal Expansion. Do behave well a geomembrane channel without the use of Geotextile for protection?Batista Abdiel Manuel Batista
  • Polish experiences in using geogrids in earth structures engineered with anthropogenic materialsJacek Kawalec
  • A History of Geosynthetics Use on Forest RoadsGordon Keller
  • Nonconventional road for heavy traffic load for a petrochemical plant in rio de Janeiro BrazilAndré Silva
  • Fortified Geomembranes Keep Gas Flowing in the Northeast USStephen Valero
  • 20 years on: Experience of the first vegetated RSS slopes on the UK Motorway networkDavid Woods

Room: Cowrie 2

Session Chair: Gordon Keller | Co-Chair: Steve Valero

  • Bridge Approach on Geosynthetic Encased Columns (GEC) in Northern Germany: Measurement Program and ExperienceDimiter Alexiew
  • Use of BGM in dam constructionBernard Breul
  • The Application of Polypropylene Geocells in Latin AmericaFernando Lavoie
  • Extension Of The Runway In The International Matecaña Airport, Pereira, ColombiaCarlos Moreno
  • A Case Study on Geogrid Reinforced Slope Using Clayey BackfillHakan Ozcelik
  • A new drainage system of synthetic grass fields – Baetão Stadium – São Bernardo SPPaulo Rocha
  • An MSE wall saves a taxiway Bridge at Frankfurt Airport in GermanyJoris van den Berg

Room: Cowrie 2

Session Chair: Archie Filshill | Co-Chair: Indiara Giugni

  • Slope Stabilization And Landslide Treatment on Roads, Experiences In Costa RicaOldemar Bermúdez
  • Design And Construction of Lining System For a Coke LandfillSam Bhat
  • BGM used for lining secondary containmentBernard Breul
  • Stabilizing A Detention Pond Using A Hight Strength Wicking GeotextileJohn Folts
  • Reinforcement of Soft Soil with Geogrids and columns of gravel for a Highway Project in PerúCharly Hamoni
  • Regulations and Recommendations Describing the Use of Geosynthetic Barriers – A Brief Worldwide SummaryKent von Maubeuge

Room: Royal Poinciana 2

Session Chair: Jean-Louis Briaud

  • Crash test barriers on top of MSE wallsJean-Louis Briaud, President of FedIGS
    15 minutes
  • French design standards for the application of Eurocode 7 to reinforced walls using geosyntheticsRoger Frank, President of ISSMGE, and Omar Naciri, BBG, NAUE, Germany
    15 minutes
  • Slope stability in Oregon and Washington using geosynthetics – a case historyScott Burns, President of IAEG
    15 minutes
  • Unconventional 3D hydraulic investigations for the São Paulo SubwayEda Quadros, President of ISRM
    15 minutes
  • Geosynthetics: Making the impossible possibleRussell Jones, President of IGS
    15 minutes