3D Printing Demo at GeoAmericas 2016

  • 8 Apr, 2016
  • geoamericas2016

Blue Dragon3D Printer3D printing means accelerated R&D for geosynthetics – GeoAmericas 2016 will host a 3D printer demonstration in the rotunda of the Loews Miami Beach hotel. See the printer in action, geogrid and geomembrane designs provided by Gary Fowmes who will be presenting a paper on the subject at the conference. Join us in Miami to see both!

Blue Dragon, in collaboration with Filament One, 3D Printer OS and Matterhackers are pleased to introduce FirePrint – the next generation in 3D print technology. Built for business FirePrint brings together agility, precision, versatility, size, ease-of-use, price point, and powerful cloud based design networking. Boasting a stylish exterior this stainless steel bodied 3d printer has a fully integrated touch screen and a massive 12”x12”x12” heated build capacity.

Don’t be fooled by its pretty face, FirePrint is a work horse, its internal hardware is just as impressive: FirePrint Solo nozzle allows for 3 material/color & 10> micron printing accuracy, FirePrint Advanced Sensor and proprietary software ensures a precisely level print every time, Specialized CORE X/Y axis movement is immune to backlash, it accelerates quickly sustaining travel speeds of over 250mm/sec while maintaining complete accuracy utilizing high torque, high resolution steeper motors. Other impressive features include the enclosed filament bay which can run up to 4 active spools (room for 2 additional resupply spools) and the enclosed build chamber with active exhaust and optional environmental filtration.

What good is so much power if you can’t use it… you can! Ease-of-use and customer support are key components to this American Made machine. FirePrint can be operated via any web enabled device, on any platform or directly using the 7” touch screen LCD running Matter Control. Blue Dragon’s cloud based file management system makes productivity and design modification simple and consistent – delivering more than just a printer but a printing system all for the distinctive value of $2,499.00.

To learn more about this robust 3D solution visit Blue Dragon in the Rotunda at GeoAmericas 2016 in Miami Beach!

Contact: Brandon Davis, Blue Dragon 702-777-3880

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